What’s this all about?


And books.

Specifically, it’s about books with answers.

But you aren’t going to like either one of them.

You see, we all want answers to life’s most difficult questions…

  • What is the purpose of life?
  • Is man basically good or basically evil?
  • Why is there suffering in the world?
  • Is there a god?

… and religions and philosophies all around the world claim to have the exclusive answers to life’s questions. But why should anyone believe one religion or philosophy over another?

Why should you?

A few years ago these very questions bugged the stuffing out of writer Hack Scribbler™. He decided to see if he could find out the answers to these questions. So, he sent his assistant to places that have lots and lots of books and told him to read — a lot (this is a process scholars like to call “research”). Well, Hack learned from his research assistant that there are a lot of very good reasons to believe biblical Christianity alone answers life’s difficult questions. He also found out that a lot of people don’t like the answers and don’t want to hear them — and they let him know it.

He also learned that every answer he found came with it’s own set of questions. Questions like:

  • Where did the Bible come from?
  • Can the Bible be trusted?
  • What is God like?
  • If God is a God of love how can He allow bad things to happen to good people?

Along the way Hack put his thoughts and discoveries down on paper. His thoughts and discoveries are now available in a series of books so that you may benefit from his research (you may purchase a copy of Hack’s first book, “What God is Really Like” here).

But be warned — many people find the answers Dr. Scribbler provides to be distasteful. And, since he provides those answers in his books many people find his books distasteful as well. That is why it is entirely possible that you will like neither his answers nor his books. However, if you have the courage to learn the truth, then Hack Scribbler’s books are for you.